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Subject Order No
National Pension Scheme(Contributory Pension Scheme)GO(P) No:20/2013/Fin dtd 07/01/2013
Leave Travel Allowance - GuidelinesGO(P) No:5/2013/Fin dtd 02/01/2013
Merging of DA Arrear to PF-Time Limit ExtendedGO(P) No:420/2012/Fin dtd 28/07/2012
Sexual Harassment against women employeesGO No:Ad.A1/16258/06 dtd 04/07/2012
Enhancement of CV Camp RemunerationGO(RT)No:2136/2012/G.Edn dtd 09/05/2012
Relief of Loan Recovery in April 2012 GO(MS) 215/2012/Fin dtd 10/04/2012
Marginal Increase in seats GO(RT) No.1685/2012/G.Edn dtd 04/04/2012
Retirement Age - Modification in Spl Rules GO(P) No.183/2012/Fin dtd 26/03/2012
Providend Fund - Rates of Interest GO(P) No.173/2012/Fin dtd 24/03/2012
Enhancement of Retirement Age GO(P) No.170/2012/Fin dtd 22/03/2012
Appointment of Guest Teachers in addl bathces GO(RT) No.680/2012/G.Edn dtd 10/02/2011
SLT-Revision of Rate of Subscription GO(P) No.104/2012/Fin dtd 09/02/2011
Pay Revision 2009 - Clarification of Fixation GO(P) No.596/2011/Fin dtd 15/12/2011
DA Enhanced by 7% GO(P) No.535/2011/Fin dtd 14/11/2011
Post Creation in Additional Bathces GO(P) No.211/2011/G.Edn dtd 24/10/2011
GPF - Revision of withdrawal limits GO(P) No.450/2011(15)/Fin dtd 18/10/2011
Pay Revision 2009 - Reoption under Rule 28 GO(P) No.413/2011(15)/Fin dtd 01/10/2011
Salary through Banks GO(P) No.402/2011/Fin dtd 23/09/2011
GIS-Revision of Rate of Subscription GO(P) No.381/2011/Fin dtd 06/09/2011
Paternity Leave to Male Employees GO(P) No.342/2011/Fin dtd 11/08/2011
Arrear Salary for Guest Period GO(MS) No.60/2007/G.Edn dtd 12/03/2011
Earned Leave for Census Duty Period GO(RT) No.2851/2010/G.Edn dtd 30/06/2010
Duties of Super Numery Lab Assistants No.56072/TI/2005/G.Edn dtd 22/12/2005
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