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Alrahiman Tirur | Sunday, April 14, 2013 | 24 Comments so far

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Subject Order No
National Pension Scheme(Contributory Pension Scheme)GO(P) No:20/2013/Fin dtd 07/01/2013
Leave Travel Allowance - GuidelinesGO(P) No:5/2013/Fin dtd 02/01/2013
Merging of DA Arrear to PF-Time Limit ExtendedGO(P) No:420/2012/Fin dtd 28/07/2012
Sexual Harassment against women employeesGO No:Ad.A1/16258/06 dtd 04/07/2012
Enhancement of CV Camp RemunerationGO(RT)No:2136/2012/G.Edn dtd 09/05/2012
Relief of Loan Recovery in April 2012 GO(MS) 215/2012/Fin dtd 10/04/2012
Marginal Increase in seats GO(RT) No.1685/2012/G.Edn dtd 04/04/2012
Retirement Age - Modification in Spl Rules GO(P) No.183/2012/Fin dtd 26/03/2012
Providend Fund - Rates of Interest GO(P) No.173/2012/Fin dtd 24/03/2012
Enhancement of Retirement Age GO(P) No.170/2012/Fin dtd 22/03/2012
Appointment of Guest Teachers in addl bathces GO(RT) No.680/2012/G.Edn dtd 10/02/2011
SLT-Revision of Rate of Subscription GO(P) No.104/2012/Fin dtd 09/02/2011
Pay Revision 2009 - Clarification of Fixation GO(P) No.596/2011/Fin dtd 15/12/2011
DA Enhanced by 7% GO(P) No.535/2011/Fin dtd 14/11/2011
Post Creation in Additional Bathces GO(P) No.211/2011/G.Edn dtd 24/10/2011
GPF - Revision of withdrawal limits GO(P) No.450/2011(15)/Fin dtd 18/10/2011
Pay Revision 2009 - Reoption under Rule 28 GO(P) No.413/2011(15)/Fin dtd 01/10/2011
Salary through Banks GO(P) No.402/2011/Fin dtd 23/09/2011
GIS-Revision of Rate of Subscription GO(P) No.381/2011/Fin dtd 06/09/2011
Paternity Leave to Male Employees GO(P) No.342/2011/Fin dtd 11/08/2011
Arrear Salary for Guest Period GO(MS) No.60/2007/G.Edn dtd 12/03/2011
Earned Leave for Census Duty Period GO(RT) No.2851/2010/G.Edn dtd 30/06/2010
Duties of Super Numery Lab Assistants No.56072/TI/2005/G.Edn dtd 22/12/2005


  1. It is the great job that you have done.

  2. kindly publish Students police cadets circulars and orders related to transfer

  3. പോസ്റ്റിന് വവളരെയധികം നന്ദി


  5. please enter the orders about maternity leave

  6. Dr Mansoor ali.VPMarch 27, 2014 at 7:14 AM

    Really its a good job ,Very useful site . God bless you

  7. pls enter the orders of midday meal scheme- write about duty of the midday meal scheme

  8. pls enter orders of the noon meal programme - also K2 form (2014-15).

  9. Very useful to all teachers & wondeful

  10. No. GOMS No.260/2010/H. Ed. dated 20/08/2010 please include this order this page

  11. No. GOMS No.260/2010/H. Ed. dated 20/08/2010 please add this order

  12. No. GOMS No.260/2010/H. Ed. dated 20/08/2010 please add this order

  13. SubhanAllah. Trust me, You doing an AWESOME Job here. May Allah more merciful onto you, Aameen.

  14. You are doing a wonderful job and great service too.. Everything needed at the appropriate times comes as an easy software and the most important fact is that you provide the service free of cost to everybody. I really appreciate the Pain and Time you area taking.. Wonderful, Excellent and Awesome. May God Bless You.. HAPPY MATHEW K

  15. Sir If possible Please provide Higher education order No 178/207 dated 04.07.2017 for the Leave Surrender for College Teachers performing valuation duties during vaccations